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SMT chip component removal tips

SMT Chip Component Removal Tips

It is not easy to remove SMT chip components within one minute of SMT. You need to practice constantly to gain more experience so that you can quickly and easily remove components without causing damage. The following

The instructions are for your reference only:

1. For resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and other pin-less surface mount components, first tin plate on one of the PCB pads, then use the left hand to fix the component in the mounting position with the tweezers, then Use a right hand soldering iron to solder the pins. The remaining pins are soldered with tin wire. Disassembling these components is also easy, just use the soldering iron to heat both ends of the assembly and remove it carefully after the tin has melted.

2. The components with wider SMD pins and wider chip components have the same soldering method as described above. The removal of such parts is generally more suitable for use with a hot air gun. The hand-held heat gun will melt the solder and use the other hand to remove the assembly using tweezers or other clamps.

3.SMT processing in Shenzhen For a surface mount device with a relatively high pin density, the soldering steps are similar. First, one pin is soldered and then the other pins are soldered. When the pin number is dense, the pin and pin alignment is the key factor. High density plug removal parts use a hot air gun. Use tweezers to clamp the assembly, blow all the pins back with a hot air gun, and remove the assembly as the pins melt. If you still need to disassemble the assembly, try not to blow the assembly center as far as possible, and the process is as fast as possible. After removing the components, use a soldering iron to clean the pads.