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HDI PCB- High Density Interconnect PCB

High density interconnect (HDI) is a technology that is rapidly becoming prevalent in PCB design and integration into electronic products of all kinds. HDI is a technology that provides for a much denser construction on a board by the ability to place increasingly smaller components in closer proximity, which also results in shorter paths between components.

HDI PCBs are finding their way into a growing number of products:

1,Military communications devices and other strategic equipment

2,Aerospace – smaller space requirements and light weight are ideal for such applications

3,Computers and smartphones – phones and computers are taking full advantage of smaller profiles, reduced weight, and increased functionality, made possible through the integration of HDI circuits.

4,Medical equipment – diagnostic and monitoring equipment has become more reliable and expanded with technical features that aid medical teams with patient treatment, powered by HDI PCBs and advanced software.

In order to apply to the higher requirement of the technology, Mincon has focused on supplying HDI circuit board at the beginning of setting up. As cooperating with many customers from different area, we have broad experience producing HDI boards for different market applications. We can supply technical support at the design phase of HDI pcbs and provide manufacturing expertise to design teams to improve manufacturability and lower overall product costs.

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