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Customer receipt information sharing

1. Please provide the courier company and its express order number after delivery of the customer-supplied material. When we receive it, we will reply “The material nesting has been received, waiting for the inventory review” to allow your company to control the safe flow of materials.

2. Customer Service Specialist will review the physical inventory according to the material distribution list provided by the customer, and at the same time, the requirements of the order are correct, and meet the SMT equipment basic material supply requirements as stipulated in the “Ordering Information”. And meet the production needs." Otherwise, we will report the failure of the material and its materials (including the appearance quality anomaly, inconsistent requirements of the ingredients and the “order requirements” and the inconsistent information in the nuclear price, etc.) to the customer and make corresponding consultations and adjustments; in principle, the customer representative needs Respond to processing opinions within 30 minutes so that our company can advance orders execution.